Fall Landscape Maintenance in Douglas County, OR

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As we move into fall it’s important to have your landscape maintained to keep it looking its best. Here are some tips for fall landscape maintenance.

Mid November, shut off ball valve to your irrigation system. Be sure to turn on each zone manually (after system is turned off) to blow out any water in the pipes to prevent freezing and cracking of pipes.
Early fall is the perfect time to plant new lawns.  

Be sure to do you homework regarding pruning. Some trees and shrubs can be pruned in fall, while others need to wait until winter.

Mulch trees and shrubs to prepare for the winter months. 

Keep leaves raked as lawns can be smothered if a thick layer of leaves is left on top of them. You’ll also want to aerate the lawn. This is critical for water, oxygen and nutrients to reach your grass roots.

Fall is the time to plant your spring bulbs.  It’s best to wait six weeks prior to the first freeze to plant. This can be difficult to gauge in Douglas County, so late fall would be safer.

It may seem like it has nothing to do with landscaping, but make sure your gutters are clean. Debris filled gutters can not only cause a problem for your home, but for landscaping around your home.

You may have noticed that you have a lot of accumulation of dirt and debris on your concrete, decks and patios. Early fall is also a great time to pressure wash your concrete, patios and decks. 

During the fall months, Umpqua Landscape Maintenance can professionally maintain your landscape and make clean up fast, worry free and cost effective. Contact us today for any of your landscape and gutter cleaning needs.


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