Installation of back flow devices protects our drinking water

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backflowBack flow devices are an integral part of our irrigation systems and water supply. But what are they, and how do they work? Backflow systems prevent anything, be it solid, liquid, or gas, from moving back through the pipe network, and introducing contaminants into a purer source. This is especially important when talking about water pipes and potable sources. Most devices operate on two principles: back pressure, or back siphonage. Back siphonage units typically involve the double housing, at the point of usage. These are particularly helpful in colder climates, where pipes tend to freeze. Back pressure is a more elaborate operation. This involves an auxiliary pump, generating a supply of back pressure greater than the supply pressure. There are hundreds of variants on the market, but some will be a better solution to your irrigation concerns than others. If you have 4 huge fields of farm land, you irrigation needs are going to be obviously different than that of a suburban house.

Why all the big fuss? Contaminants cause disease. Depending where you live, there are likely to be strict codes set up by municipal governments, water companies, and water districts, to be pro-active about intelligent usage of water resources, to ensure public safety. Always find out what these might be BEFORE starting an irrigation project. A little homework here can save you a lot of headaches, and fines. Imagine you were raising pigs on your property without a backflow preventer. All of that waste could very easily work it’s way back into drinking water. And don’t think for a minute that you residential and suburban homes are off the hook. Do you use pesticides to keep your garden tip-top? Would you want to get sick from drinking them? This is why local governments, farm boards, and water companies take this issue so seriously. Healthy water is a necessity, not a luxury item.

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