Natural Weed Barriers in Your Landscape

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rocksNobody likes weeds, and in Douglas County, Oregon as well just about every other part of the country, it seems like a constant battle to get rid of them. Most people feel you have to either use a lot of herbicides or do hours of back breaking weed pulling to keep them under control. The truth is, even with herbicides, controlling weeds in your yard and landscaping can be a challenge.

Alternative Methods to Control Weeds

Two resources we have found that help to keep weeds better controlled in your landscaping are bark mulch and decorative rocks. Both can serve as barriers and make pulling out the occasional weeds much easier on your back!

Mulch goes great around shrubs and trees or even larger areas where you do not have grass or other plants but weeds are a problem. It’s important to catch any small weeds that are able to grow early on and remove them before they go to seed.

When laying mulch, it’s best not to use a synthetic weed barrier below it. This negates the organic benefits of mulch – it breaks down over time and adds to the soil. Instead, lay a thick, 3-5” of mulch. You’ll also want to avoid “mounding” the mulch higher around tree trunks and other plants as that can actually prevent water from reaching the roots.

Stone can also be a great way to help control and minimize weeds in your yard and landscaping. You can create separations between areas with rocks, create paths, or use it as decoration or other points of interest. In Douglas County, OR, river rock is a popular choice. You can lay woven weed fabric down before the rocks as an extra barrier. Don’t be fooled though, those hearty little weeds can grow between the rocks, but much like the bark mulch, are very easy to pull when they’re small. You’ll find much less weeds in rock than you would in other areas of your landscape.

Ready to Take Control of Your Weeds?

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