We use top of the line equipment so you receive a professional cut. Staff are trained to identify insect and fungus problems common to our area.


We use edging equipment to give you that sharp edge manicured look.


Our staff is trained to provide this service paying special attention to safety and care of your vegetation.

Field Mowing

We use top of the line DR Brush and Field mowers. Our equipment is capable to cutting up to eight feet of vegetation.

Weed Abatement

We use a variety of chemicals to keep you landscape weed free. Manual weed abatement is also provided via request.

Drip Line Irrigation

We utilize the most current drip line irrigation systems available to assure that your plants receive the appropriate amount of water.


We use top of the line fertilizers products developed for Douglas County.

Planting/Removal of Trees/Plants

We plant trees, scrubs, and flowers. Prior to planting research is done to make sure that the plant specie is tolerant to our climate. Plant and tree removal services (up to 16 feet) are anytime of the year providing there isn’t fire season restrictions.


Most pruning is provided in the winter; there are exceptions to this rule when pruning is provided anytime during the year.


We provide tree limbing services up to 16 feet. This can be extremely dangerous, so unless you’re very comfortable with the equipment and have the proper safety gear, hire a professional.

Umpqua Landscape Maintenance has outstanding customer service and does such professional work. I highly recommend them to keep your yard looking beautiful. – Mary Kay W.