Mowing Your Lawn or Field

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mowingNothing gives your landscape an instant, fresher look quite like mowing. And while most of the time people think green, manicured lawns when speaking of mowing, here in Douglas County, OR, it also frequently applies to fields and meadows around our properties.


With lawns, it’s easy to be confused about when to mow. Should you mow as soon as it looks like it needs it? The answer to that is that you should mow when the grass starts approaching a length of one third of the height you desire. Keep in mind that you don’t want to cut the grass too short either. The grass blades are how it produces food and energy to keep growing. Cutting too short can damage your grass.

Meadows and Fields

When it comes to mowing meadows and fields a regular lawn mower usually doesn’t cut it. The larger areas call for a riding mower. Many people elect to keep their meadows natural and not mow them, however there are a couple drawbacks to that. One is appearance. If your meadow or field backs up to your regular landscaping, it could create too much of a contrast between the neatly manicured space and the wild space. The other drawback is untamed meadow and field spaces can become a fire hazard, especially in an area like Douglas County that’s prone to summer thunderstorms.

No matter what landscape type you have, manicured, natural, or a combo, mowing is almost always a necessity and not everyone is up for the type of time-commitment landscape maintenance such as this entails. If you’d like to spend your weekends away from outdoor chores such as mowing, give us a call and we’d be happy to give you a custom quote.

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