Tips: Winterize Your Irrigation

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With the dropping night temperatures upon us, it’s time to shut off your irrigation and winterize your system.

There are three ways to winterize your system: manually, automatic drain or blow out your lines using a compressed air.

Manually winterizing your system is simply shutting off your system at the ball valve and manually opening each valve.

Automatic wintering is the easiest procedure. Simply shut off your system at the ball valve and your system will automatically drain.
NOTE: Your system must have automatic drains installed in each zone and the main pressure zone for this procedure.

Winterizing using compressed air. This involves shutting off your system at the ball valve and using compressed air to remove the water from your pipes (commonly known as “blow out”).

Failure to winterize your system could result in broken pipes from freezing temperature.

If you’re not comfortable winterizing your own system, please feel free to contact Umpqua Landscape Maintenance, LLC for a free estimate.

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