Weed Control – Landscape Maintenance in Roseburg Oregon

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garden_weedWhether you have areas of mulch, flower beds, or other landscaping, winter is the time to consider applying pre-emergents to control the weeds that will come up as spring approaches.

What are pre-emergents?

Pre-emergents are a herbicide that are meant to stay on the top of the soil so that it can kill weeds as they pop up (or emerge) through the soil. There are different per-emergents on the market that control different types of weeds for different amounts of time. It’s also important to note that pre-emergents need to be watered into to become effective.

More on weed control …

Before running out to buy herbicide, you might consider having a professional landscaper assess your site to come up with the most effective method(s) for controlling weeds. The typical herbicide you buy might be good on only a certain type of weeds, during a certain season, or may be so broad-spectrum that it could potentially kill some of your “good” plants.

Once your landscape is assessed, a professional landscaping company will then prepare your site by controlling any existing weeds, prepping beds and lawns, refreshing mulch, and applying any pre-emergents necessary.

Are chemicals the only way to control weeds? There are alternatives such as a high-potency vinegar mix that can be applied to existing weeds, burning existing weeds with a small flame torch, and of course, good old-fashion manual pulling. However, these methods do not address controlling weeds before they sprout.

If you would like a professional landscaping company in the Roseburg, OR area to assess your needs for weed control, give Umpqua Landscape Maintenance a call for a free estimate.

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