Why lawn aeration is important.

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lawn aeration douglas county oregonLawns are one of the more high-maintenance aspects of landscaping and aeration is an important part of that maintenance plan. To aerate means to “introduce air to”. In the case of your lawn, it’s done by going over the entire area with special aeration tools (from spikes you can strap on to your gardening shoes/boots to handheld devices and ones that can be towed behind a tractor or riding lawn mower).

Why your lawn needs aeration.

Depending on the type of soil and type of grass, your lawn may need aerating more than once a year. Because there is a high clay content in the soil in Douglas County, aerating needs to be done more often here. During aeration small plugs of soil are removed which allow compacted soil to expand. This also gives the lawn more air, water, and fertilizer to keep it healthy. Aeration also helps the grass grow stronger roots, enhances its tolerance to heat and drought, encourages thicker growth, and increases the activity of microorganisms in your lawn (the beneficial kind).

Why let a professional aerate your lawn.

Aeration seems like an easy enough do-it-yourself job, right? Not exactly. There are some variables for when to aerate your lawn in Douglas County and how often it will need to be done. A professional would be knowledgeable about this and can also access the overall health of your lawn and determine what other steps need to be taking to keep it looking in tip top shape. The spring is a great time to consider having your lawn aerated.

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