Why you should consider in-ground irrigation systems

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sprinklerWhile an in-ground irrigation system (commonly referred to as an “in-ground sprinklers” or simply a “sprinkler system”) typically requires professional installation, it will provide you with years of virtually care free watering.

Benefits of Having an In-Ground Sprinkler System Installed

A sprinkler system is an asset to your lawn and landscaping. The type and size of system will depend on your landscape’s features and the watering needs of various types of vegetation. For lawns specifically, proper watering helps the grass to be healthier and less vulnerable to pests and stress.

Systems with sensors even have the ability to detect the moisture in your lawn and landscaping and shut off if it happens to rain.

Over time an in-ground sprinkling system can pay for itself simply by limiting over use of water. They work great in drier climates, but also right here in Douglas County and all of Southern Oregon.

Planning an In-Ground Sprinkler System

Another reason to hire a professional when it comes to installing an in-ground system is to determine what types and quantity of sprinkler heads will be needed based on current or planned landscaping. A professional landscaper will know the watering needs of your vegetation and be able to work with you to plan the perfect system.

Irrigation System Maintenance

Your in-ground sprinkler system will need some basic maintenance to keep it in top shape. The most common maintenance is winterization and start up in the spring. In the fall, the system will need to be shut down and the lines blown out to eliminate the risk of freezing of the pipes. In the spring, the system will be turned back on, all of the “zones” will be checked as well as each sprinkler head, and the watering schedule set.

Have questions on cost, the different types of systems, or how long it will take to install? Contact Umpqua Landscape Maintenance for a free estimate.

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