Winter Months Are Generally the Best Time to Prune and Hedge

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In the winter months (generally from late November to February in Douglas County Oregon), most DIY gardeners have put away the garden tools. But did you know that these are the best months to prune many trees and do your hedging?

As we all know, deciduous trees and shrubs lose their leaves and, like many other plants, become dormant in the winter months. This makes for optimal pruning and hedging because of three key reasons:

  1. You can see the shape of the tree or shrub much easier when the leaves are gone.
  2. Since the tree or shrub is dormant, sap will not bleed from the pruned branches or twigs.
  3. Many insects that can affect these types of plants are also dormant in the winter months.

The Benefits of Pruning and Hedging

We’ve briefly discussed why winter is best for this type of landscape maintenance, but what are the benefits you can except for your trees and shrubs? The main benefit is plant health. Pruning promotes quick growth in the spring. By trimming tree branches it also helps to circulate light and air within the tree. Maintaining the proper shape is also a key factor that will help to not only make your trees, shrubs, and hedges health, but also to beautify your landscape.

According to the Farmer’s Almanac some tips on pruning include:

  1. You should prune with the weather is mild and dry.
  2. Prune dead or diseased branches first, then overgrown and smaller branches.
  3. You should cut branches at the point where a branch or twig attaches to another.

Pruning and hedging can be a time consuming and a bit labor intensive. If you’re in the Douglas County area, let Umpqua Landscape Maintenance handle this necessary task professionally and efficiently. Contact us today for a free estimate on your landscape maintenance and landscaping needs.

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